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REVERSE ENGINEERING: A $16 million Stradivarius Violin Gets Manufacturing Grade CAD from CT Scans.

Early CAD of the reconstructed CT scan data clearly show the beauty of the violin. It looks stunning even though it is nothing but just digitized data. Image copyright Solaris Design LLC

By Solaris Design Washington DC

How would you unlock the Italian artisan Antonio Stradivari's secrets and build replicas of the world renowned Stradivarius violins today? The answer is easy; with the help of the newest technologies... A hefty $16 million price tag on these violins make it impossible to perform measurements with conventional methods, but thanks to new technologies there is a way to solve this problem; take the violin to a hospital and get it CT scanned... Yes, you heard it right, take it to a hospital!.. Each image of the CT scan brings enormous amount of data and unlocks some of the secrets of Mr. Stradivari. The process is neither easy, nor cheap, but as you would agree, much better than destroying a 16 million dollar violin.

CT scans show Stradivarius' sections. Later on, a manufacturing grade CAD is built from these slices. Image copyrights Solaris Design LLC

#innovations #reverseengineering #scantoCAD #CTscan #StradivariusViolin #AntonioStradivari #musicalinstrumentdesign #engineering #newtechnologies #hitech #solarisdesign #petscan #medicalscantomanufacturingCAD

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