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"This is more than a router. This unique router isn’t made for mesh networking, but it’s a quad-core computer in itself."

-Wired Magazine

Featured Project

Roqos RC10

Wireless Router

Roqos is designed for exceptional performance. 

With an extremely powerful quad-core processor and a very large sized heat sink, the concept for Roqos required serious work in thermal design. Multiple internal antennae, enterprise-grade security, easy setup, Roqos RC10 is one of the

fastest routers on the market today. 




Product Reviews

"Roqos provides enterprise-level

security to prevent malware from infecting any networked hardware." 

Tim Moynihan

Wired Magazine

"There’s a new class of device,

the Roqos Core, which adds cybersecurity and the ability to monitor your kids

through an app." 

Keith Shaw

Network World

"With Roqos, you don't have to

worry about installing malware protection

and parental controls on your and

your kids' devices." 

Neil Rubenking

PC Mag

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