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From start-ups to large organizations, we are ready to help you with your project

Free Project Evaluation

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Either you are a business owner who would like to start your project evaluation or an enthusiast that just wants to say hi, start a conversation with us by filling out the form below.

Success! Message received. We will be in touch with you within 24 hours

WE PREFER TO RECEIVE YOUR INQUIRY EITHER THROUGH THE FORM ABOVE OR BY EMAIL. HOWEVER, IF YOU NEED TO CONTACT US SOONER OUR PHONES ARE +1 312 826 5095 & +1 646 653 0150. If you cannot reach us, please leave us a message with your name and phone number and we will return your call. Please, no sales call to this phone number. If you prefer not to use the inquiry form above, you can email us at

OFFICE HOURS: Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM Central US Time. Meetings by appointment only.

NEW PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT WORK BUDGET REQUIREMENTS: Currently we require a minimum of $10,000 funded budget to accept any new work.

Project Evaluation

At Solaris, each project starts with a project evaluation. This process usually has the following steps.


1- NDA signing

2- Project Evaluation form submission by the client

3- Q&A

4- Estimate preparation

5- Contract signing


This process usually takes about 1-3 weeks depending on your project complexity.


Please contact us by email for NDA and Project Evaluation forms.

Contact us

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