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We Make
Ideas Real!
Solaris Design is a creative, technology-driven firm specializing in product design
We are a full-service, innovative engineering & product development firm based in New York City and Washington DC. We have experience working on a variety of projects ranging from moon landers, moon rovers, and other spacecrafts to consumer products. From your initial product idea, all the way to manufacturing and packaging, we are ready to help you.
At Solaris, design is about creating products that will possess emotional and practical impact. We’re driven to create products and experiences that will meet the technical requirements of our clients while addressing user needs and the market's expectations.

We Design

Products of

All Sizes & Shapes

Our experience ranges on a wide variety of projects from Google Lunar-X Prize contender TeamFrednet's TLI stage, lunar lander, lunar rover to a wide variety of consumer products.


Our Google Lunar X Prize work won TeamFrednet NASA's prestigious

Innovative Lunar Demonstrations Data award.



Aesthetics play a significant part in our work. If a product has a form

that makes it stand out from the competition, it already begins the race with a head start. That is the reason we have an experienced industrial design department that will make your

product stand out... ...from the start. 


We use the latest and the most advanced technologies for design, engineering, simulations, and prototyping to ensure your design will be compatible with today's manufacturing systems.


Whether you need manufacturing consultation or turnkey manufacturing assistance, we can walk you through the process while you focus your valuable time on your business, product launch, and marketing deals. We are here to make your vision come true!


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